4 Metabolism Myths – Debunked

Reading Time: 6 minutes Metabolism is one of those concepts that is easily misunderstood among dieters and fitness enthusiasts. (And even among fitness professionals too.) It’s an incredibly complex set of processes that researchers and the general public have tried to simplify to easily digestible concepts. However, in that translation a lot of misconceptions were born. This article will…

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Lose The Booze: The Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss

Reading Time: 5 minutes How much does alcohol negatively impact your ability to lose weight? The answer might surprise you.

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3 Fat-Loss Myths – Debunked

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever tried losing weight, thought you were doing everything correctly, and still didn’t see the progress you wanted? Sure, there are a number of reasons why you weren’t seeing the results, but what if the changes you made to your diet weren’t actually that helpful–or even downright useless? There are numerous myths surrounding…

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