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How Does Online Coaching Work?

The Coaching Portal

The coaching portal is the central hub of your program. Inside, you will access and track your workouts, provide eating logs for your coach's feedback, view our library of 45+ coaching videos, as well as complete any assessments or forms that your coach assigns to you.

Personalized Workouts

Your coach will design custom-made workouts specifically for your goals. You'll have the flexibility to complete these workouts when it's most convenient for you, and your coach will provide the accountability to help ensure they get done.

Nutrition Coaching

Track your eating via the MyFitnessPal app on your phone. Your food log will sync to your coaching portal to allow a seamless transfer of information, giving your coach access to all of your food logs. Using this data, you will work with your coach to make improvements to your eating throughout the course of the program. You will learn how to properly eat and see amazing results without fad diets or gimmicks.

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Schedule weekly video chats when it's convenient for you. Connect with your coach via Facetime or another virtual conference tool to check-in on progress, discuss challenges, and set new weekly goals. These strategy sessions help keep you accountable and ensure consistent progress throughout the program.

Unlimited Support

Arguably the best aspect of our online coaching program is the unimited support you'll receive from your coach. Whether through text message, social media message, or email, you and your coach will be in contact nearly every day. This means your coach travels wherever you do and is just a text away.


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