Competitive Dancers: Are you ready to look and perform better at competitions?

Fix your posture.
Bring your best body to competition.
Have more stamina in practice and competition.
If you're on this page, it's because you are passionate about dancing. You likely spend countless hours in the dance studio refining your craft. You spend money to travel across the country to compete against some of the best dancers in the world. 
And all of it gets undermined by your fitness.
❌ Your dance rounds leave you gasping for air and too tired to continue. 
❌ Your posture is off, and that negatively impacts the silhouette you want to create. 
❌ You don't complement your dancing with a structured fitness routine or nutrition plan.
All of this affects how you and your partner look compared to the other couples in your category.  
If you want to have a show-stopping performance, then you need to be in peak physical shape. You need to have all the dots connected. 
But dancing is a unique sport. It requires both optimal physical performance and a good aesthetic body. Not just any coach will do.
Most fitness coaches only provide half of the solution:
--> Coaches who specialize in athletic performance can improve your stamina and power. But, they're used to working with athletes for whom performance is all that matters.
How a football or baseball player looks doesn't affect the outcome of their games. That's not true for dancers.
--> The other alternative is physique coaches that can give you the aesthetic body you need. For a physique competitor, there's no need to perform at a high intensity in competition.
They just have to look their best and try not to fall over when they're feeling miserable in front of the judges. That's definitely not true for dancers.
Until now, you've been stuck with these two choices for a fitness coach:
1) Achieve optimal performance but struggle to fit into your dance outfit. (You know, the one you spent a fortune on.)
2) Look your best but have no energy to actually dance. 
Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way anymore. 
We're A-Team Fitness, and we're going to be the team of fitness coaches that helps you bring a better package to competitions. 
Unlike those other coaches, we understand the unique challenges of competitive dancing. We understand that you need a great body AND the ability to perform.
The perfect balance of peak physical performance and jaw-dropping muscle definition.
You create art with your body, and so your body needs to be a work of art
And that's exactly what our online coaching program does for you. Together with your coach, you'll become a work of art.
That's what separates the great dancers from the good dancers.

Not because of some miracle solution or gimmick, because we implement REAL change.

Dancers who join our 12-week transformation program will:

✅ Reach your goals faster, adding noticeable stamina and muscle definition.

✅ Learn how to set up your diet for peak performance. 

✅ Completely eliminate muscle imbalances that ruin your posture. 

✅ Receive a unprecedented level of support from your coach and fellow program members.

When you enroll, you sign on to have your own personal fitness team invested in your success.

You won't find the same level of dedication or support in any other program. I guarantee it.

What this program doesn't include:

Fad diets or gimmicks - We'll teach you the truth about what you need to reach your goals. We won't string you along or ask you to follow silly advice. Everything we do is scientifically proven to work.

Unrealistic food restrictions - As a serious competitor, you will have some big expectations of yourself. But we also want you to live your life, to enjoy the occasional guilt-free night out with friends or your significant other. You'll get the best of both worlds.

A "set it and forget it" coaching approach - Your personal accountability coach will support you the whole way, on-call whenever you need them. Seriously.

I do want to disclose one thing about our coaching program: there is no going back.

Like Neo in "The Matrix," once you take the red pill you can't unsee what you've learned.

--> You'll never look at food or nutrition the same way.

--> You'll develop a mindset that will change how you see yourself.

--> You won't EVER be able to fall back into the old habits you've adopted.

So if you're really not completely done living with a bit of ignorant bliss on behalf of your fitness and eating habits, then this program might not be for you.

If you're not done coasting in your comfort zone because it's where you feel comfortable, then you might not be ready to take things to the next level.

But if you're sick and tired of putting in the work to be the best dancer and aren't getting the results to show for it because of your fitness... Then buckle up. You're in the right place.

Meet a few of our clients and hear about their coaching experience:









Online Coaching Plans

1 Year Program
(Save $260)
Unlimited Coaching for $45/week

You're in it for the long haul. You've mastered your exercise and eating habits, and have transformed your body. You can balance fitness, dance, and the rest of your life. You've learned how to enjoy yourself without forfeiting your performance or body composition goals. The future is bright!

Monthly Program
Unlimited Coaching for $50/week

Available to clients who want to continue after their initial 12-week commitment. You work with your coach to set new performance or body composition goals. Your coach will stay with you to help minimize your time investment in the gym and the kitchen to ensure every step you take makes the biggest impact.

*Savings based on a 52-week commitment.

The Program Includes:
Customized Workouts

A plan to fit your unique body's history.

Unlimited Support

We're here whenever you need us.

Nutrition Coaching

No gimmicks or diets, keep your favorite foods.

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Get on a video call with your coach go review and plan for the week ahead.

When You Enroll You'll Also Receive These Bonuses FREE

FREE BONUS #1 - Food Freedom Online Course ($300 value)

Free yourself from the shackles of fad diets and food restrictions for good. Learn what really works to lose weight, tone up, and enjoy your life.

Clients who've gone through our Food Freedom course have never had to rely on fad diets again.

FREE BONUS #2 - Mindset Mastery Online Course ($200 value)

Unlock the keys to getting out of your own way and open the door to a world of opportunities that await.

Clients who have completed this course express more positivity and greater feelings of contentment.

FREE BONUS #3 - Guilt-Free Travel Guide ($30 value)

Learn the secrets to protecting your hard-earned progress while traveling for work or vacation.

Using this guide, Taylor lost weight while traveling in Italy and eating pasta and gelato everyday!

FREE BONUS #4 - Healthy Meal Creation Guide ($30 value)

Learn how to easily build your own healthy meals at home without spending all your time in the kitchen.

You will save more money in one week by eating at home than the normal cost of this guide.

FREE BONUS #5 - Eating Out Guide ($20 value)

All the tips and strategies you need to enjoy your social life without ruining your hard work.

Brian uses this guide to avoid weight gain while eating out multiple times a week for work.

Your Success Is Our #1 Priority

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

To claim your refund, you must complete your 12-week program with the following conditions met:

  • Complete 10 weekly reflection forms
  • Complete 10 strategy sessions with your coach
  • Achieve your calorie goal at least 80% of the time
  • Inform your coach of any concerns with your program by week 8

*Only valid for your first 12-week program starting after June 1st, 2021.

Not Sure How To Get Started?

Let Us Help. -->

Read a few of our dancers' stories...

Eli started with A-Team Fitness in October of 2019 with the main goal of improving his stamina for dance. He knew he was being held back in his competitions, often feeling out of breath during practice rounds. After additional evaluation by his coach, they found that he had a lot of improvements to make in his posture. Eli was suffering from multiple muscle imbalances and mobility issues.

Together, they devised a plan and put it into action. From the beginning, Eli was driven to complete the tasks—harnessing his natural competitive spirit. His plan included specific workouts that would help eliminate muscle imbalances, build more muscle definition and strength, and drasticlly improve his cardiovascular stamina.

To the right you will see his posture improvement throughout his time in this program. As for his stamina, Eli reports that he no longer struggles to keep up in rounds. Whether he's fresh for Samba or giving everything he's got left for Jive, he feels ready to go.

Eli's Posture Improvement

Eli, August 2019

Eli, April 2021


Klaudia and Ron both joined the program with the goal of improving their overall conditioning and building more muscle. Having both partners in the program is a fantastic way to dial in your performance, with each person working to bring their very best. Together, they help each other stay on track and have reaped the rewards!

Both were evaluated by their coach upon enrollment, and each receives their own personalized workout plan based on that evaluation. While you may see them in the gym together, you will not see them doing the same workout. This is one of the benefits of this program: Everything, from the workouts to the nutrition advice, is tailored to your individual needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Complete the new client questionnaire above. Our in-depth questionnaire will allow you to provide the detailed information we need to design an effective program that is custom-tailored for your needs.

Step 2: Schedule a consultation call. You'll connect with your potential coach to go over the information provided in your questionnaire, find out more about the program and how it suits your needs, and ask any questions to help you decide if our online coacing program is a good fit for you.

Step 3: Pay your invoice and login to the coaching portal. Once you decide to enroll, you'll be emailed an invoice for your program. Once payment is received, you'll be sent your login credentials to your personal coaching portal. Access the portal from your desktop or smartphone device.

Step 4: Complete the start-up paperwork. Once inside the portal you'll be prompted to complete the start-up paperwork, including: signing a health waiver form, taking starting body measurements, and completing a movement assessment. Each item helps your coach further refine your program.

Step 5: Begin working toward your goals. Shortly after receving the start-up paperwork, your coach will provide you instructions for setting up your food log as well as your first set of workouts. At this point your program officially begins, and you start working toward your goals alongside your own personal fitness coach.

Your level of practice in the studio and with your dance coach is what will help you master your dancing skills. This program will contribute by making you a better athlete. You will have more stamina, more muscle definition, and more strength. Rounds won't tire you out, and you'll have a good nutrition strategy to bring your best package.

Safety is our number one priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to properly evaluate each client to understand where you are and the best starting point for you. Every exercise we select is chosen with you in mind. We specialize in providing programs that our clients can confidently perform on their own.

To maximize your potential we highly encourage you to have access to a gym. However, due to the pandemic we do have clients who prefer home workouts. In this case, we do encourage you to have at least some equipment at home. (Dumbbells and resistance bands.) We can provide recommendations for equipment.

Yes. In general, you will recieve completely new workouts every four weeks. We also factor in your competition schedule, to ensure your properly rested to perform at your best.

That is the beauty of online coaching! When you get setup, you and your coach will decide on a good workout schedule for you. This will help your coach add workouts to your portal calendar. However, if something comes up you are more than welcome to complete your workout at a different day or time.

When you enroll, we collect a series of movement assessments during the start-up process. These assessments allow us to evaluate your posture and whether you have any existing muscle imbalances. This data, along with the information we collect about your goals and your current lifestyle, determines the structure and exercise selection of your workouts.

If you have trouble performing any exercise in your workout, simply reach out to your coach. They will ask questions to determine whether it's a form issue or if another exercise needs to be subsituted. You also have the capability to film a set of any given exercise and submit the video to your coach for more specific feedback on technique.

This is a very involved program. You will likely communicate with your coach in some capacity every day. (i.e. email, text, social media message, etc.)

Anytime! Seriously, reach out to your coach anytime you need them. They will generally get back to you as soon as possible. However, as a courtesy, expect some delay when contacting outside of normal business hours. (Before 8am and after 6pm on weekdays, and on weekends.)

We don't believe in fad diets or nutrition gimmicks. The advice we give is scientifically proven to work. This program will teach you how to track your eating via a food log, and we will work to help you refine and optimize your eating over the course of the program. We will also consider strategies around nutrient timing in relation to practice, workouts, and competitions.

While we do use some outside software as part of our coaching program (i.e MyFitnessPal, Facebook Groups, etc.), none of the software we use requires you to make an additional purchase.

As part of your program you will complete weekly video calls with your coach. These calls last approximately twenty mintues, and are completed using either Facetime or Zoom. You can easily schedule your calls when it's most convenient for your schedule via our online booking software.