Frustrated Dieters: Are you ready for a sustainable approach that leads to PERMANENT weight loss?

Even if...

You're ready to give up.
You think you can't lose weight.
You've been left confused about nutrition.

If you've found this page, then chances are you've tried dieting before. In fact, I'd wager you've tried A LOT of different diets.

You may have seen some progress for a short time, but then your weight loss stalled and all the weight came back. Maybe even some extra too!

I bet you're also tired of getting your hopes up over the next fad diet, the one promising a miracle solution, only to be left wondering why the heck you spent two weeks snorting lines of black pepper every time you felt hungry.

The people we work with have been there before. (Maybe not snorting black pepper, ya weirdo.)

They come here discouraged at their seeming inability to lose the weight they've been struggling with for YEARS.

They come battered and broken, having been chewed up and spit out by the fitness industry's shady practices.

And then these people join our coaching program and everything changes.

Of course, most of our clients take the time to get to know us before they ever enroll. (But if what you said about black pepper is true, I already know you're going to be a good time.) I don't blame you. The last thing you want is another sly salesman selling you a dream house made of cards.

So take as much time as you need, my new friend. But I will share that we do some awesome things inside our program.

Not because of some miracle solution or gimmick, because we get to the root cause and implement REAL change.

Imagine Achieving Your First Milestone In Just 12-Weeks

Meet Monica

Meet Shane

Meet Alicia

Introducing Our Flagship 12-Week Transformation Program

A step-by-step 12-week program designed to take frustrated dieters by the hand and permanently solve their fitness struggles.

Here's what you can expect:

✅ Reach your goals faster, losing 10+ pounds.

✅ Learn how to control your eating in ANY situation so that you're confident going out with your friends.

✅ Develop confidence in your body and in yourself so that you can make the most out of life.

We're personally invested in your success. Not because you put food on our tables (although I get a weird sensation of irony whenever I buy donuts...), but rather because we've personally struggled to lose weight.

For years I struggled to overcome my battle with obesity. I fell prey to every false promise and gimmick in the industry.

I wish I would have had a coach to show me the light and save me YEARS of struggling. How different could life had been if I had developed the confidence I have now a few years earlier?

Sadly, I didn't have someone like me back then. So I became that person. And I built a team of those people. And now we're here to show you the light.

Here's How It Works:

Customized Workouts

A plan to fit your unique body's history.

Unlimited Support

We're here whenever you need us.

Nutrition Coaching

No gimmicks or diets, keep your favorite foods.

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Video calls to review and plan for the week ahead.

Hear for yourself what our clients have to say about their coaching experience:

Meet Lark

Meet Suzanne

Meet Sabrina

This program is not for you if:

You're looking for fad diets or gimmicks - We'll teach you the truth about what you need for successful weight loss.

You want unrealistic food restrictions - We want you to live your life and enjoy the occasional guilt-free night out with friends or your significant other.

You want a "set it and forget it" coaching approach - We support you the whole way, whenever you need us.

Since losing over 80lbs, I have dedicated myself to teaching people the right way to do things.

I even got a degree in motivational psychology, from one of the most prestigious universities in the country, so that I could better help my clients adopt real lifestyle changes.

I do want to disclose one thing about this transformation program: there is no going back.

Like Neo in "The Matrix," once you take the red pill you can't unsee what you've learned.

--> You'll never look at food or nutrition the same way.

--> You'll develop a mindset that will change how you see yourself.

--> You won't EVER be able to fall back into the old habits you've adopted.

So if you're really not completely done stuffing your face with an entire pint of ice cream and eating Oreos by the sleeve, this program might not be for you.

If you're not done coasting in your comfort zone because it's where you feel comfortable, then you might not be ready to have the truth unveiled.

But if you're sick and tired of lying awake at night longing for something more out of your life, longing to stop hating what you see looking back at you in the mirror, then buckle up. Things might not get snorting-black-pepper-crazy, but this journey is going to get WILD.

When You Enroll In Our 12-week Transformation Program You Will Receive:

Customized workout plans designed FOR YOU that are shown to produce the fastest results.

✅ One-on-one nutrition coaching to help you develop the skills to feel confident about your diet, no matter the circumstances.

✅ Weekly video calls to keep you accountable so that you achieve more in less time.

✅ An unprecedented level of support from your coach and fellow program members.


Online Coaching Plans

1 Year Program
(Save $260)
Unlimited Coaching for $45/week

Healthy habits become an established part of your routine. Exercise and mindful eating become automatic behaviors, and you learn how to use these skills to enjoy more difficult environments like parties, traveling, and other life events. You've learned how to enjoy yourself without forfeiting your performance or body composition goals. The future is bright!

Monthly Program
Unlimited Coaching for $50/week

Clients who continue with the monthly program are significantly more likely to achieve and maintain their desired end goal. After your initial 12-week commitment, your coach will stay with you to help minimize your time investment in the gym and the kitchen to ensure every step you take makes the biggest impact.

*Savings based on a 52-week commitment.

This Program Is Unlike Any Other Program You've Ever Experienced

We're so confident that we can help you transform your life that we offer something 99% of fitness programs can't offer you.

If you enroll in the program, give it your best shot, and aren't satisfied, then we will refund you 100% of your money.

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

To claim your refund, you must complete your 12-week program with the following conditions met:

  • Complete 10 weekly reflection forms
  • Complete 10 strategy sessions with your coach
  • Achieve your calorie goal at least 80% of the time
  • Inform your coach of any concerns with your program by week 8

*Only valid for your first 12-week program starting after June 1st, 2021.

When You Enroll You'll Also Receive These Bonuses FREE

FREE BONUS #1 - Food Freedom Online Course ($300 value)

Free yourself from the shackles of fad diets and food restrictions for good. Learn what really works to lose weight, tone up, and enjoy your life.

Clients who've gone through our Food Freedom course have more confidence with their eating behaviors in all circumstances.

FREE BONUS #2 - Mindset Mastery Online Course ($200 value)

Unlock the keys to getting out of your own way and open the door to a world of opportunities that await.

Clients who have completed this course have more motivation and drive toward their goals.

FREE BONUS #3 - Mindset Makeover Course ($200 value)

Discover how to challenge and change the negative thoughts that bring you anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

Clients who complete this course report feeling more positive and have greater levels of contentment in their life.

FREE BONUS #4 - Travel Fat Loss Secrets ($30 value)

Learn the secrets to protecting your hard-earned progress while traveling for work or vacation.

Using this guide, Taylor lost weight while traveling in Italy and eating pasta and gelato everyday!

FREE BONUS #5 - Healthy Meal Creation Guide ($30 value)

Learn how to easily build your own healthy meals at home without spending all your time in the kitchen.

You will save more money in one week by eating at home than the normal cost of this guide.

FREE BONUS #6 - Eating Out Guide ($20 value)

All the tips and strategies you need to enjoy your social life without ruining your hard work.

Brian uses this guide to avoid weight gain while eating out multiple times a week for work.

See more success stories...

Meet Courtney

Meet Jared

Meet Jessica

Meet Julie

Meet Jenny

Meet Brady

Meet Angela

Meet Stacey

Meet Kathy

Meet Gage

Meet Jesaka

Meet Makale

Meet Ellie

Meet Isaac

Meet Laurie

Meet Marcie

Meet Susan

Meet Brigitte

Meet Greta

Meet Chuck

Meet Andrea

Meet Heather

Meet Kathy

Meet Brian

Meet Sue

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Meet Brittany

Meet Mohit

Meet Amy

Meet Jasmyn

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Meet Debbie

Here are a few more stories of people just like you who had massive success in our program:
Alex Before

Alex Before

Alex is not only the founder of A-Team fitness, he's also its first client! Alex lost over 80lbs and has kept it off for more than a decade. Transforming from obese teenager to fitness professional and bodybuilding competitor, Alex believes in the power of taking control of your health and shifting your mindset in order to be more successful and fulfilled in all areas of life.

Alex After

Alex After

Sandy Before

Sandy became a client after hearing one of Alex's seminars on behavior change. Since that event she has lost 125lbs, 97 of which was with Alex and A-Team Fitness. She has made a name for herself in the A-Team community through her achievements, earning her the nickname, "The Legend." Sandy is constantly traveling for work but is still able to make time for her workouts to continue crushing her strength goals.

Sandy After

Yuri Before

Yuri Before

Yuri is one of Alex's first clients. She originally joined one of Alex's earliest programs because of health concerns, and quickly dedicated herself to completely transforming her lifestyle. Two years after joining Alex for the first time, Yuri completed her first full marathon in Chicago in October of 2015.

Yuri After

Yuri After

Brian Before

Brian joined A-Team Fitness because, even as a seasoned athlete, he couldn't seem to get a routine down that got him results. Living in Los Angeles, Brian lives a unique lifestyle as a comedian, entrepreneur, writer, and the producer and host of a food-based web series. If he's not rushing off from one gig to the next, he's an avid foodie enjoying the diverse cuisine that the LA-area has to offer. Once signing up with A-Team Fitness' online program, Brian and his coach were able to establish a unique approach that allows Brian to still enjoy his favorite foods, film his web-series, have energy for all his various projects, AND see the progress he's been after for years.

Brian After

Brittany Before

Brittany Before

Brittany joined A-Team Fitness after her sister's wedding (also a client at the time). As a top performer in her field, Brittany has experienced wild success in many parts of her life. However, she still felt something was missing, and so she set out to become a top performer with her health--just as she had with her career.

Brittany After

Brittany After

Makale Before

Makale started training with A-Team Fitness in order to prepare for his impending wedding. As a father , soon-to-be-husband, and working a demanding full-time job, Makale needed a plan that could be flexible with his lifestyle. Makale has lost over 50lbs to date and won his local gym's 60-day transformation challenge.

Makale After

Makale After

Read more success stories below.

I'm writing this letter to share my story of how I got involved in fitness coaching and the immense benefits it's provided for me.

College is already tough, but add in a condition that gives you brutal, long-lasting headaches, blurry vision, and pain every time you workout and it'll get even tougher. After all of junior year battling the symptoms without a known cause, the June before my senior year brought answers. However, I still felt helpless; my doctor said the best shot at healing and eradicating my Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, or IIH, was to take medication and lose weight. Not to mention, the medication would only make my headaches, dizziness, and vision worse in the meantime. Every time I went to the gym, tried to lift weights, or completed cardio, my head would throb. I ate well, but alone, it was clearly not enough to lose weight.

After battling this on my own senior year, I realized that what I was doing wasn't going to cut it. I was weaned off the medication, but my IIH only got worse. That's when I knew I needed the help of not just a doctor, but also a fitness professional. I'd seen Alex speak at an event for a club for weightlifters I was in at the University of Michigan that past winter. I remembered being impressed with his fitness knowledge and his approachability. I sent him an email and we began a discussion: my history with fitness (specifically, weightlifting), my condition, my goals, my busy schedule. I was so pleased when I learned that he had done research on my condition and had found the best fitness moves to do (and to avoid), as well as the foods that would exacerbate my symptoms. While I was ready for change, he was the one ready to guide me through it.

We spent a few months doing both in-person and online training while I was still living in Ann Arbor. I'd lost a solid 20 pounds that summer and was excited to keep pushing. While it was time to leave my college town and start my professional career teaching high school on the opposite side of the state, I was able to keep Alex in my pocket. Our phones became our communication, thanks to the online training, weekly emails, and frequent texts. By mid-September, I was already cleared of IIH by my doctor! This was a celebration, but I wasn't done yet. While I transitioned into the workforce and life after college, Alex helped me retain my fitness regimen and encouraged me to stay on track with my thoughtful eating.

I'm now a stronger (both physically and mentally) person, and I realize that I'm capable of doing amazing things with my body. I'm looking forward to continuing to build a healthier, more active, IIH-free life!

If you're debating whether this is for you, or whether it's the right time, I say go for it! In a few months from now it very well may be the best decision of your life.

-Jessica E.

One year ago, I was working 50+ hours a week and did nothing to take care of my health. I wasn’t inspired to exercise, make time for the gym, or really do anything for my health. I could feel the difference in how I felt on a day-to-day basis. The change began through my manager and colleague Revathy. She introduced me to Alex and A-Team Fitness.

The first class was tough. It was an eye opener to me how out of shape I had become. Even though it was difficult, Alex and the other members gave me the boost and encouragement I needed to get through that class and many more since. I actually enjoy and look forward to exercise now. Who in the world thinks they’ll ever enjoy exercise? It’s like magic.

Another thing I thought was pretty cool about my first six months is when Alex pulled me aside and privately challenged me to reach my 20lbs weight loss goal in 4 months. Trust me, it wasn’t easy at all. Alex believed in me and stood by me the entire way, holding me accountable everyday during that challenge. At the end of the four months, I had succeeded and was down to 203lbs from 223lbs!

My journey did not stop there. I saw that Alex was running a free intermittent fasting challenge online. I enrolled and it was mind-blowing. The challenge changed the way I was eating—even the way I thought about food. Through this challenge and Alex’s coaching, I was given control over another piece of the puzzle—my nutrition.

Loving exercise and controlling my eating, you’d think I’d have nothing else to accomplish—and you’d be wrong! After all of these accomplishments I worked up the courage to give running a try. Running is something I NEVER imagined myself doing. I joined Alex’s free running group and am now able to run two miles without stopping. I was even motivated to run the Turkey Trot 5K the morning of Thanksgiving. Who have I become?!

My strength training, improved nutrition, and new running abilities have ultimately helped me achieve one of my biggest passions—competing in table tennis. Throughout this journey I have clearly seen my table tennis skills improve, which has led me to placing in multiple tournaments against more advanced players.

I have never seen Alex give anything less than 100%. His positivity and unstoppable energy, in and out of the gym, is inspiring and infectious to anyone around him. Through my experiences with him I have learned that anything is possible if you BELIEVE, work consistently, and are willing to make the necessary changes.

I was so excited when I earned my A-Team shirt, because it is a reflection of the promises I made to myself. The promise to take care of my health and pursue the things I am passionate about have brought me to where I am today, and I thank Alex and the A-Team for supporting me through it all. I plan to continue forever with Alex McBrairty and A-Team Fitness.

-Meenakshi S.

I wanted to share my story for all my friends who struggle with high blood pressure. I have been on a low dose of medication for several years. This had kept my blood pressure under control until early this year, when my readings started creeping up. My doctor doubled the dosage. I experienced some unpleasant side effects but little change in the numbers. I tried losing some weight and reducing sodium with little result. I had been working out regularly including some cardio, but my cardio didn't seem to be working.

I changed to a technique called High Intensity Interval training, which my trainer Alex McBrairty had taught me for weight loss. It involves alternating sprinting and walking on a treadmill for alternating 1-minute intervals for a half hour. I do this 4x a week. Within a few days, my blood pressure started to come down. 8 weeks later, both my top and bottom numbers are consistently down an average of 20 points even though I'm back to the minimal dose of medicine.

I had a doctor appointment this morning this morning. When I showed by doctor my daily readings, which I chart, she could hardly believe the improvement. I am sharing this because I think so many people could benefit from any cardio exercise but especially the High Intensity Internal Training. Go A-Team Fitness!

-Karl O.

My journey with A-Team Fitness began when my friend saw a flyer on my apartment entrance about an exercise class. I completely ignored it as I have been a high energy person ( thanks to my family genes) and thought I didn’t need any more fitness training. I reluctantly went to the class because my friend kept insisting we try it. I never thought in my life that I would complete 3 years with my trainer as of today.

Alex was not what I was expecting. His energy and empathy with people actually made me to continue even though I couldn’t sit for 3 days after the initial class.

I still remember when I couldn’t bend and touch my toes because of my lack in flexibility. This began to change gradually and I continued because I started seeing changes physically and mentally. Right now, after 3 years, my energy levels are comparable to both men and women who are at least 12 to 17 years younger than me.

In addition to Alex, I am also thankful to others members in the group who made the class fun and inspirational.

I will continue with Alex and A-Team Fitness until one of us moves away.

-Revathy P.

"You make an impact far greater than slimmer waists and lifting heavy things. Anyone can achieve success, but to live a life of significance is so much harder to find. What you do is a life of significance."

-Halley R.

"I really don't think I can fully express my gratitude and appreciation for the group you've setup. Your encouragement, and the topics you present, have been so helpful to me. I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping your community learn and grow."

-Sarah B.

"Your emails really help me. It's so easy to get wrapped up in this big world and think you aren't conquering anything. I appreciate the tips and tricks, and always your super positive emails, that really get my week off to a great start!"

-Kristie S.

"I have experienced a significant loss of weight, and my daily energy and physical well being have increased beyond my imagination. Each step of the way Alex told me I could, showed me how (even when I didn't always listen the first time), and stood by me while I did it."

-Melanise V.

"I wish I lived closer to Ann Arbor. You were my best trainer and great at encouraging me, so I kept going."

-Denice D.

"Alex is passionate about fitness and it shows in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. Each workout is challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Alex will lead you every step of the way."


-Heather A.

"If you listen to him and do the things he says, it works! Alex makes working out a lot of fun, and he constantly challenges me to do more than I even thought I could. He truly loves what he does and has so much knowledge to share."

-Amber P.

"I am down 33 lbs after four months of simply working the plan that he creates for me month after month. I had a big goal of dropping 70-80lbs and I feel extremely confident with Alex by my side that I will accomplish this with him before the start of summer!"

-Makale M.

"Alex was very easy to work with. He was flexible (both in scheduling and adapting to changing goals) and has a way of motivating you that doesn't come off as condescending or over-the-top. He answered all my questions, and was very willing to offer helpful suggestions."

-Jordan U.

“Alex is a great and inspirational trainer! He challenges you in every workout, gives good guidance for better eating habits, and helps you achieve goals you never thought were possible!”

-Stacey S.

"Alex is very supportive. He provides excellent motivation and accountability. When he encounters something positive from his clients and followers, he goes out of his way to share his appreciation. He really strives to connect on a personal level."

-Anonymous Survey

“He uses positive reinforcement and an infectious enthusiasm to keep his clients on track both at the gym and away. It’s been his confidence in me that has reminded me of my own potential."

-Megan M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Complete the new client questionnaire above. Our in-depth questionnaire will allow you to provide the detailed information we need to design an effective program that is custom-tailored for your needs.

Step 2: Schedule a consultation call. You'll connect with your potential coach to go over the information provided in your questionnaire, find out more about the program and how it suits your needs, and ask any questions to help you decide if our online coacing program is a good fit for you.

Step 3: Pay your invoice and login to the coaching portal. Once you decide to enroll, you'll be emailed an invoice for your program. Once payment is received, you'll be sent your login credentials to your personal coaching portal. Access the portal from your desktop or smartphone device.

Step 4: Complete the start-up paperwork. Once inside the portal you'll be prompted to complete the start-up paperwork, including: signing a health waiver form, taking starting body measurements, and completing a movement assessment. Each item helps your coach further refine your program.

Step 5: Begin working toward your goals. Shortly after receving the start-up paperwork, your coach will provide you instructions for setting up your food log as well as your first set of workouts. At this point your program officially begins, and you start working toward your goals alongside your own personal fitness coach.

Safety is our number one priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to properly evaluate each client to understand where you are and the best starting point for you. Every exercise we select is chosen with you in mind. We specialize in providing programs that our clients can confidently perform on their own.

Many of our clients prefer to use their local gym. However, due to the pandemic we have plenty of clients who prefer home workouts. We generally encourage you have at least a set of resistance bands for home use, but it is not a requirement. (We can also provide recommendations.) We will design your workouts based on the equipment you have access to. You can still see great results without a ton of equipment.

Yes. In general, you will recieve completely new workouts every four weeks.

That is the beauty of online coaching! When you get setup, you and your coach will decide on a good workout schedule for you. This will help your coach add workouts to your portal calendar. However, if something comes up you are more than welcome to complete your workout at a different day or time.

When you enroll, we collect a series of movement assessments during the start-up process. These assessments allow us to evaluate if you have any existing muscle imbalances. This data, along with the information we collect about your goals and your current lifestyle, determines the structure and exercise selection of your workouts.

If you have trouble performing any exercise in your workout, simply reach out to your coach. They will ask questions to determine whether it's a form issue or if another exercise needs to be subsituted. You also have the capability to film a set of any given exercise and submit the video to your coach for more specific feedback on technique.

This is a very involved program. You will likely communicate with your coach in some capacity every day. (i.e. email, text, social media message, etc.)

Anytime! Seriously, reach out to your coach anytime you need them. They will generally get back to you as soon as possible. However, as a courtesy, expect some delay when contacting outside of normal business hours. (Before 8am and after 6pm on weekdays, and on weekends.)

We don't believe in fad diets or nutrition gimmicks. The advice we give is scientifically proven to work. This program will teach you how to track your eating via a food log, and we will work to help you gradually make changes over the course of the program.

While we do use some outside software as part of our coaching program (i.e MyFitnessPal, Facebook Groups, etc.), none of the software we use requires you to make an additional purchase.

As part of your program you will complete weekly video calls with your coach. These calls last approximately twenty mintues, and are completed using either Facetime or Zoom. You can easily schedule your calls when it's most convenient for your schedule via our online booking software.

We're so passionate about helping people just like you that we've taken on all the risk.
So what are you waiting for?

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