Does Choosing Salads Lead To Eating More Cookies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are your healthy decisions throughout the day, choosing a healthy option at lunch or making time for the gym, actually backfiring and causing you to be more unhealthy? Find out how you can combat the desire to reward yourself with the bad stuff.

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If You’re Failing At Anything, Here’s Why.

Reading Time: 6 minutes This article discusses the three main reasons you are likely to fail at anything. Learn how to overcome the most important obstacles you’ll face.

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Chess, Not Checkers: Long-Term Thinkers Make Healthier Choices

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re faced with a tough choice: To eat the cookie or not to eat the cookie. Part of us is aware that we shouldn’t because it is not conducive to our fitness goals, but another part just wants to taste the deliciousness and experience the enjoyment it brings us in the moment. Alas, you give…

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