10 – Minute Mindset, Volume IV: Imitation, Pain, Freedom, & Changing Your Mind

Reading Time: 5 minutes Reasons you’re eating that have nothing to do with hunger: Emotion/Stress It’s In Front of You Boredom It’s Free You’re Tired Clean-Plate Syndrome Can’t Say No To Food Pushers Coming up with a plan to address each of these scenarios will help you combat the desire to undue your hard work. A simple idea, contained…

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Overcome Negative Thoughts With Socratic Questioning

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you suffer from the negative stories you tell yourself about the world around you? Use this technique from cognitive behavioral therapy to alter these stories and banish negative thoughts.

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How To Stop Letting Setbacks Set You Back

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stop letting setbacks hold you back from your goals. Instead, use them to propel you forward like a sling shot. Read to find out how.

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