FDA Drug Standards & The Power of Mindset

Since the 1960s, every drug trial approved by the FDA has compared their treatment to a placebo, a neutral substance that carries no medicinal benefits.

The Placebo Effect occurs when one experiences positive benefits from a treatment because of the patient’s belief in the treatment.

For example, a patient experiencing chronic pain might feel their pain level improve after taking nothing more than a sugar pill. (Because they believe the sugar pill contains some medicine that will reduce their pain.)

The brain will produce less pain signals because we’ve convinced ourselves that we shouldn’t be experiencing pain. The nitty gritty of placebo effects is more nuanced than this, but we need not concern ourselves with that for now.

Instead, focus on this: If the strength of our mind is one of the standards by which we measure the effectiveness of every drug on the market, what does that say about the power of mindset?

~ Coach Alex

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