Escape the Trap of ‘Just Good Enough’: Why Being Worse-Off Might Be the Best Thing for Change

I heard someone say that the worst place you can be is where things are, “just good enough.”

Things aren’t great. You aren’t happy with how things are, but circumstances are passable.

And since things aren’t bad enough, you aren’t moved to change anything.

Just good enough keeps you trapped in ambivalence.

Is it possible that in some cases we’re better being worse-off, because then we’re actually moved to change something?

Think of a job that you don’t like, but you’re able to put up with. How long will you stay there unhappy? Now compare that to a job that has no redeeming qualities, and it pushes you to look for something better right now.

We’re hardwired not to make changes in our life. To make matters worse, our unhappy circumstances usually aren’t bad enough to inspire immediate action.

If we aspire to make big changes, we need to push ourselves toward action.

~ Coach Alex

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