A Harsh Truth About The Reality of Living A Healthy Life In Today’s World

Darwin said it wasn’t the strongest who survived, but those most adaptable to change.

The harsh truth is that today’s cultural landscape does not lend itself to being physically fit without additional effort.

The introduction of technology, increased automation, and mass production of food products makes our lives more sedentary and filled with food than ever before in history. In today’s society, it is unlikely you will be physically fit—or even at a healthy weight—without some level of mindfulness and paying attention to what you put in your mouth.

Those who accept this fact and begin adapting to the circumstances (whether they are trying to lose weight or not) are the ones who will be able to successfully achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Having some fundamental understanding of calories, macros, and nutrition labels is a necessity. Learning how to properly setup and manage your food environment is a non-negotiable. Regular physical activity can’t be ignored anymore.

And at the end of the day, adopting these changes is not going to be the hard part…

The hardest part is going to be accepting that the old you can’t come back.

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