Optimize Your Hormones For Better Weight Loss

Hormones play undeniably important roles in the daily functions of our body. However, poor diet and lack of exercise can alter the effects of these hormones, stealing the precious, beneficial effects we get from them. The good news is this: even though a bad diet and no exercise can negatively affect the function of hormones in our body, a good diet and exercise routine can IMPROVE their function.

In the below articles, originally published in The Path Magazine (in two different parts), I discuss the 8 key exercise-related hormones: what they do and how you can optimize them through your fitness program.


There is no doubt that regular exercise has a long list of benefits. People who regularly exercise are healthier, stronger, more confident, and overall happier people.1 While some of these changes might be obvious, such as feeling and looking stronger, clothes fitting loosely, and having more energy, the processes that cause these changes are not noticeable. They happen deep within the cells of your body, and are driven by hormones that are released as a result of physical activity… [click below to read more]

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Once you’ve finished reading part 1 of this article above, click below to finish up with part 2 which discusses: testosterone, growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor, and glucagon.

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