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“Alex has been an indispensable asset in helping me achieve my weight loss goal." - M.M., Female, 28

"I have experienced a significant loss of weight, and my daily energy and physical well being have increased beyond my imagination." - M.V., Female, 39

"With his common sense approach and a bit of Jedi mind-tricks,  Alex was able to gently, but effectively, guide me through the lifestyle changes needed to stop gaining weight and get back in shape." - N.K., Male, 31

"I'd recommend Alex wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a great personal trainer." - J.U., Male, 30


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Phone: 734-904-4008

Email: alex.mcbrairty@ateamfit.com

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What is online coaching?

Online coaching is a new and exciting way to offer life changing, transformation, fitness coaching to clients. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

Leveraging the power of the internet and cutting out the overhead costs of the gym means that you get more from your hard-earned dollar. Using online check-in and communication tools we empower you with more accountability and support than we ever could in-person.

The best part? The program is your program. No longer limited by rules of the gym, scheduling necessities, and financial obligations to a host of other parties, we can give you precisely what you need, when you need it.

Throw the word 'training' out the window. We will be your concierge. Every client is different from one another. That, and over the course of your training you will need different things from us in terms of direction, support, and accountability.

With online coaching we can give you what you need, when you need it.

What services does online coaching provide?

1) Personalized Workouts: Similar to in-person training, your trainer will design workouts based on your specific goals and needs. We don’t give cookie-cutter programs, because no two people are the same. Additionally, the workouts will change as your circumstances change. For example, say you have to leave town for a last minute business trip. Simply shoot your trainer a text or email and they will provide you with a new workout that you can do right from your hotel room!

2) Nutrition Guidance: You will keep an online food journal which your trainer will have access to. You will receive advice and tips from your trainer about how to improve your diet. No big, overnight diet overhauls here. We believe small changes added up overtime will allow you to completely change the way you eat on a day-to-day basis to support your fitness goals and new, healthy lifestyle.

3) Text/Email Updates and Support: Read a fitness article that left you with questions? Perhaps you heard something from a well-intentioned friend that left you confused? Simply shoot your trainer a text or email and they will help answer any of your fitness questions! Additionally, your trainer will stay in constant contact with you to ensure you have the accountability you need to complete your prescribed workouts.

4) Video Exercise Form Analysis: You might be wondering, how can online coaching work if your trainer isn’t physically present to help correct your form? That’s a fantastic question, and we wouldn’t even think of offering this service if we didn’t have an answer for you. If you are concerned you aren’t completing an exercise correctly, simply send your trainer a video of you performing the exercise, and using our coaching software we can show you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and provide tips on how to correct any errors. You can see a sample of this software in action below:

5) Weekly 20-min Skype/Facetime Strategy Sessions: Arguably the biggest benefit of in-person training is the human aspect: having the support and interaction you need to stay motivated toward your goals. You will schedule a weekly Skype or Facetime meeting with your trainer where you will discuss the previous week’s progress and strategies for improvement moving forward.

How can you get signed up?

If you are interested in signing up for our online coaching services, click here to leave us a message (if you have questions) or click below.

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