Why Your Biggest Fear Is Meaningless

I recently came across a video on Facebook of a woman singing on America’s Got Talent. If that were the end of the story, you’d be pretty pissed off that you wasted a few seconds of your life reading such a useless statement. Hang with me.

This woman, Mandy Harvey, is deaf.

Yes, as in she can’t hear a single thing. She lost her hearing due to a rare condition at the age of 18. She even mentions how she initially gave up singing altogether (and no one would blame her).

You can view the video here.

She gave up her passion due to a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. I mean how are you supposed to sing if you can’t hear anything!?

But you know what? Eventually, Mandy stopped feeling sorry for herself. She made a decision and said, “You know what? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” She literally uses muscle memory and the vibrations from the beat (through the floor) to not only sing, but to sing well.

We all have a vision of our ideal life: a career we love, surrounded by amazing friends and family, and experiencing everything we want to get out of life—all while oozing confidence and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, most people will never realize that vision. Most people will create some sort of excuse as to why it will never happen, or why they won’t be able to achieve their dream. This is a very sad reality because you deserve to live your dream life.

Why is this the case? Mostly because people are afraid to fail. Reaching for your dreams is a risk, and with risk comes the possibility of failure.

The most interesting part is that the majority of people who fall into this category wake up every morning unhappy with their life, their job, their body, their everything. Most people simply go through the motions day-to-day for their entire life until they die. Most people play it safe.

People are afraid to fail working toward their dreams, but will instead live a “comfortable,” yet unhappy life… I’m sure you guessed what my next question was going to be: What do you really have to lose? Failure? Rejection? What is the worst thing that can possibly happen?

You want to know the answer…?

Waking up every morning unhappy with your life.

If you wake up every morning unhappy with your life, you are already living your worst-case scenario! You legitimately have nothing to lose, so stop holding yourself prisoner.

You don’t need to have all the answers right away, you just have to start. When I started my business I had only one year of personal training experience and zero idea of how to run a business.  Yet, that didn’t stop me because at the time I knew my choice was to go at it alone or, most likely, give up the profession.

If I failed I’d likely have to give up the profession anyways. I had nothing to lose because my worst-case scenario was also the alternative choice. I jumped in with both feet and learned along the way. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, and have lost thousands of dollars in the process, but as time goes on I get better at it.

We can learn a lot from Mandy’s inspiring story because I can just about guarantee that whatever is “holding you back” is nothing compared to trying to make it as a deaf singer. So get out there, and make things happen.

You deserve your dream life.

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