Are You Missing The Point of Meal Prepping?

Mark Zarate and I are back to discuss the value of meal planning and prepping. (Catch the full podcast episode here.)

Mark raises the point that having a plan is incredibly undervalued, especially when it comes to weight loss. Having the ability to “plug-and-play” your meals makes controlling food intake that much easier.

I agree with Mark, and go a step further to suggest that spending hours over the weekend preparing meals isn’t for everyone. Instead, I give you two tips to make meal planning and prepping even easier on yourself.

  1. Reduce variety in your diet. Studies show that the more variety you have the more calories you eat. Reduce the number of different meals in your plan to make life easy.
  2. Select easy recipes that don’t require “prep.” I used to spend hours every Sunday cooking my meals for the entire week. It worked, but it became hard to give up so much of my free time when I should have been relaxing. Instead, I opt for a menu that is so easy I can cook the meals on the go. Egg white omelets, sandwiches, or baked chicken and vegetables. Recipes that can be prepared in 10-minutes or that use a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

Listen to our conversation below.

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