Don’t Let Fear Win: An Anecdotal Account of Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

This weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone.

While I’ve been taking dance lessons for a few years now, in that time I’ve not actually socially danced at all. I could blame it on COVID or my busy schedule, but the truth is that there were opportunities I didn’t take advantage of pre-covid so I can’t use those excuses.

My instructor was hosting a holiday party this past weekend, and even though Katrina was out of town I decided to go anyway. (This also meant I didn’t have my safety net that was the person with who I’ve shared 99% of my entire dancing experience.) In a moment of bravery, I went alone.

And let me tell you, I had the absolute BEST time.

I danced for 3 hours straight. It was such a wonderful environment. Everyone was kind and supportive, having a good time sharing this activity together. Folks of all different levels and experience. The moment that one song ended, and before the next began, it was a quiet game of musical chairs; each person looking for someone they hadn’t danced with yet. Everyone was respectful and I don’t remember seeing a single person decline an invitation to share a dance.

I recall a few times trying to make my way out of the room to get some fresh air (because it got pretty hot in there) and being stopped for a dance before I could make it to the door. “The break can wait for one more song,” I’d think to myself.

My body was so sore the next day, but man if it wasn’t a fantastic experience that I almost didn’t have because I got too much in my own head. I consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone. I’m a confident guy but I still have to be brave from time to time. The reality is that I still have to check myself. I have to be aware when I’m retreating into my shell because of a sense of fear.

There’s the saying, “If it scares you and it won’t kill you, it’s probably something you should do.” I replayed that quote in my head on the drive there. Checking your fear and embracing scary situations is so important for growth, but also for joy.

What wonderful, fantastic experiences might you have missed—might you be missing—because you let fear win?

What wonderful, fantastic experiences might you have missed—might you be missing—because you let fear win?

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