Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Running Easier

Have you decided that now is the perfect opportunity to get back into running? Maybe you’re thinking of trying it for the first time? Here are three quick actionable tips you can use to get better, immediately.

1. Control Your Breathing

Maintaining control of your breathing can help you run faster, longer, by giving your muscles the proper supply of oxygen. If you’re new you may find you get out of breath very quickly. This is OK, and the more consistent you are the more this will improve. However, controlling your breathing goes beyond having good stamina.

Here’s a good cadence to help you maintain control and avoid unnecessarily tiring yourself out: 

Inhale for three strides, exhale for two.

Not only with this cadence provide a sufficient flow of oxygen to the body, but will also give your mind something to focus on besides how tired you are. This tip will keep you going longer.

2. Find The Right Shoes

The proper shoe, fitted to the terrain of your feet, can help you avoid nagging pain and reduce the risk of injury.

Visiting a running-specific shoe store will allow their trained staff to identify the best type of shoe for you. The best shoe is dependent on the structure of your arch and how your foot moves during running. Knowing whether you have high arches, neutral arches, or flat feet will help you determine the running shoes that will give the right support for your feet.

3. Swing Your Arms

Have you ever tried running fast while swinging your arms slowly, or vice versa, swinging your arms fast while jogging slowly? It doesn’t work.

Your arms and legs move in coordination. Your arms are your throttle. Next time you have to pick up the pace, focus on swinging your arms faster and watch your feet naturally move faster too. 

If you’ve decided to take your workouts outdoors and give running a chance, use these tips to immediately improve your abilities during your next workout.

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