Give me just 3 hours per week and I'll show you how to build a fit body despite your busy schedule.

Even as other professionals neglect their health, ruin their energy, and lose their edge.

A while back I set out to transform my life and build the fit body I always dreamed of.

...I was tired of feeling lethargic everyday.

...I was sick of the embarrassment that came from losing my breath after walking up only a single flight of stairs.

...I was tired of not having the confidence to put myself in a position to succeed in my professional life.

From that moment I dedicated my entire life to meet that goal of transforming my life, often spending hours each day in the gym.

Did it work? Absolutely. I lost over 80lbs in a mere 15-months. The newfound confidence I developed led me on a path I couldn't have ever imagined.

...I started a business to help others who were like me and became one of the best fitness coaches in my city, with a roster of clients that I met seven days a week.

...I began writing for major fitness publications.

...I began volunteering my time to help up and coming personal trainers develop their skills.

...I set out to take on the world.

With all of my grand aspirations I overlooked one major thing: there is a lot of world to take on. I was working on so many projects that my time was gone. I was awake by 4:30am every morning and not in bed until 11pm at night.

With this demanding professional schedule, was my daily multiple-hour workout program sustainable? Absolutely not.

Alex in Barcelona
Something had to give: my career or my fitness. Something was going to buckle under the weight of the demands on my time.

This wasn't OK with me. Why did I have to sacrifice one or the other? I wanted both.

That's when I set out to simplify my fitness program. I discovered a way to identify the most important changes that made the largest impact on my health. These changes drastically reduced the amount of time I needed to spend in the gym. My eating choices became easy; I didn't have to decipher ingredient labels or refer to a Rolodex of "good vs. bad" foods.

I was spending less time on my fitness and getting better results.

This simplification process is how I will help you build a fit body and improve your daily performance, and we'll fit it all into the demands of your busy schedule.

Because, like me, your time is valuable.

Give me three workouts per week and follow some easy changes to your eating, and I'll make sure you don't have to make the choice between your career and your health. You can have both. 

Our online programs involve more than your typical trainer-client relationship. We are your full fitness support team

These programs are designed for professionals who want to...

...Save Time In The Gym. Build the body you want in just three hours a week.

...Make Eating Easy. Think LESS about food - not more.

...Flexibility In Your Program. Don't be stuck in a rigid schedule. Complete the workouts when it's most convenient for your life.

...The Accountability You're Missing. Get the same level of accountability that leads you to excel in your professional life - applied to your fitness program.

1 Year Program
(Save $200)

Healthy habits become an established part of your routine. Exercise and mindful eating become automatic behaviors, and you learn how to use these skills to enjoy more difficult environments like parties, traveling, and other life events. You've learned how to enjoy yourself without forfeiting your performance or body composition goals. The future is bright!

Monthly Program

You work with your coach to set new performance or body composition goals. You coach will stay with you to help minimize your time investment in the gym and the kitchen to ensure every step you take makes the biggest impact.

*Savings based on a 52-week commitment.

All Plans Include:
Customized Workouts

A plan to fit your unique body's history.

Unlimited Support

We're here whenever you need us.

Nutrition Coaching

No gimmicks or diets, keep your favorite foods.

Weekly Facetime/Skype Meetings

Review and plan for the week ahead.

See the success of some of the professionals that came before you...

Alex Before

Alex Before

Sandy Before

Yuri Before

Yuri Before

Brittany Before

Brittany Before

Makale Before

Makale Before

Alex After

Alex After

Sandy After

Yuri After

Yuri After

Brittany After

Brittany After

Makale After

Makale After

What do my current and past clients have to say about my coaching?

"You make an impact far greater than slimmer waists and lifting heavy things. Anyone can achieve success, but to live a life of significance is so much harder to find. What you do is a life of significance."

-Halley R.

"I really don't think I can fully express my gratitude and appreciation for the group you've setup. Your encouragement, and the topics you present, have been so helpful to me. I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping your community learn and grow."

-Sarah B.

"Your emails really help me. It's so easy to get wrapped up in this big world and think you aren't conquering anything. I appreciate the tips and tricks, and always your super positive emails, that really get my week off to a great start!"

-Kristie S.

"I have experienced a significant loss of weight, and my daily energy and physical well being have increased beyond my imagination. Each step of the way Alex told me I could, showed me how (even when I didn't always listen the first time), and stood by me while I did it."

-Melanise V.

"I wish I lived closer to Ann Arbor. You were my best trainer and great at encouraging me, so I kept going."

-Denice D.

"Alex is passionate about fitness and it shows in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. Each workout is challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Alex will lead you every step of the way."


-Heather A.

"If you listen to him and do the things he says, it works! Alex makes working out a lot of fun, and he constantly challenges me to do more than I even thought I could. He truly loves what he does and has so much knowledge to share."

-Amber P.

"I am down 33 lbs after four months of simply working the plan that he creates for me month after month. I had a big goal of dropping 70-80lbs and I feel extremely confident with Alex by my side that I will accomplish this with him before the start of summer!"

-Makale M.

"Alex was very easy to work with. He was flexible (both in scheduling and adapting to changing goals) and has a way of motivating you that doesn't come off as condescending or over-the-top. He answered all my questions, and was very willing to offer helpful suggestions."

-Jordan U.

“Alex is a great and inspirational trainer! He challenges you in every workout, gives good guidance for better eating habits, and helps you achieve goals you never thought were possible!”

-Stacey S.

"Alex is very supportive. He provides excellent motivation and accountability. When he encounters something positive from his clients and followers, he goes out of his way to share his appreciation. He really strives to connect on a personal level."

-Anonymous Survey

“He uses positive reinforcement and an infectious enthusiasm to keep his clients on track both at the gym and away. It’s been his confidence in me that has reminded me of my own potential."

-Megan M.

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