Why You Should Have Dinner With Your Clients

Attending social events can deepen your bonds with clients, expand your range of prospects, and give you valuable info that makes you a better trainer (and perhaps a better person).


Four months ago, after a long week of sessions and in lieu of my typical downtime on the weekend, I attended two different social events with clients: a 30th birthday party and a wedding.

To some trainers, this may seem strange. Aren’t we supposed to remain clinically detached from our paying customers?

I answer this specific question in an article recently published by the Personal Trainer Development Center (click to read).

I break down how socializing with your clients is good for business, including:

  • How it gets you into the conversation
  • How it helps you test-drive your personality
  • How it helps your clients

Head over to the PTDC to read more about why personal trainers should have dinner with your clients.