Alex McBrairty

Fitness Coach | Writer | Health & Wellness Speaker | Motivation Expert | Adventurer

Momento Mori - Remember that you will die.

A personal mantra and reminder to hold nothing back, and to put everything you have into everything you do.

B.A. Psychology | NASM CPT | NASM CES

2016 Recipient of the Community Leadership Award from the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition


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My goal is to help you develop an undeniable belief in your ability to accomplish anything.

I was the overweight kid growing up. Inactivity and shyness led to a childhood wrought with low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I was not living to my full potential–and I knew it every single day.

Then, for a variety of reasons beginning my senior year in high school, a seismic shift occurred. For one, I met a girl. (This pretty much sums it up). I also realized I was getting ready to begin my adult life, “real life” as teachers and other adults would tell me. This realization led to a chilling epiphany, “if I don’t change something now I will spend the rest of my life like this.”

What led to my successfully losing over 80lbs over the course of the next 12 months? I had found my purpose, a purpose both important to me (my impending adulthood), and a purpose beyond me (the girl). This is the key to my success, and will be the key to yours too.

I’m going to help you achieve equally, if not even more amazing success. I am going to help you find your purpose, identifying the tools and strategies we need to keep you on the right path.

Together, we are going to discover and unleash your inner awesome that will lead to a life only previously imaginable in your dreams.

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