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Learn The Secrets That Top Fitness Professionals Use To Help Their Clients Lose Weight On Vacation

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Brian Las Vegas, NV

This information helped one of my clients, Brian, return from a long weekend partying in Vegas to find that he lost weight while he was gone.

Brittney Jamaica

The information in this book helped Brittney maintain her results during a week-long vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. (Can you say, free food?)

Taylor Rome, Italy

The tips that allowed Taylor to lose two pounds while eating pizza and pasta every day for two weeks while traveling through Italy.

Alex Barcelona, Spain

The strategies I personally used to eat baked goods and gelato everyday while traveling in Spain, returning home ten days later at the exact same weight as I had left.

Part 1 - Traveler's Mindset

Keeping up with your fitness goals while on the road starts in the mind. Learn how to adopt a winning mindset that'll keep you motivated and on track during your many adventures.

Part 2 - Nutrition

Food is a central component of travel. Many people use vacation as an excuse to let themselves go. Instead, you will learn strategies to enjoy the culinary experiences of other regions and cultures, while still keeping yourself accountable to your fitness goals.

Part 3 - Exercise

In this section you'll learn a few key secrets to completing your workouts despite having minimal access to equipment. With a little creativity you can experience super-effective workouts no matter where you find yourself.

Worry Less When You Travel