Great for beginners or individuals with more specific fitness goals. 60-minutes gives us enough time for appropriate rest and to spend the necessary time focusing on the basics. We will take you through customized workouts designed with your specific goals in mind.

Private Session Packages

1 = $100/session

4 = $95/session

12 = $85/session

Train with a friend! Great for individuals who want to train with a friend, family member, or significant other. Both parties should have similar goals and be pretty close to the same fitness level. (Not good for individuals with very specific needs. 2 people max)

Semi-Private Packages
(Prices listed are per person)

1 = $90/session

4 = $85/session

12 = $75/session


Mindset Coaching

Putting in the work will get you the results. Yet, many people find that getting themselves to take action is the biggest obstacle. We work with our clients to develop a winning mindset that allows them to take the actions required for long-term success.

Strength Training Programs for Women

There's nothing quite like the confidence of being strong, but most women don't want to develop that "bulky" physique. Our strength programs are custom-tailored for our female clientele who want to improve their strength while maintaining their feminine figure.

Muscular Imbalance Correction

Most chronic pain is caused by muscle imbalances in the body. These imbalances are created due to a number of lifestyle factors. We assess posture and movement efficiency, then design a custom program to reactivate and reintegrate problem areas to reduce or eliminate pain and improve strength.

A Supportive Community

Whether participating in group classes or doing private training, we are a team. We make sure every client has a support system in place to help them succeed. This support system consists of trainers and other clients traveling their own fitness journeys, and we all genuinely care for each other.


No matter your goals, we make sure our clients don't forget to have fun during the process. You'll quickly realize we are full of ridiculous people. (We like to save the seriousness for our results.)

The Keys To Success

We offer more than effective workouts to our clients, we offer the knowledge to take back control of their lives. You will learn how to eat properly, how to exercise effectively and safely, and you will learn how to unleash your inner awesome.

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