The Universal Rules of Nutrition

Most people fail at dieting because they're focusing on the wrong things.  

Social media influencers and diet "gurus," in an attempt to differentiate themselves, hyperfocus on a single (often obscure) aspect of nutrition, and lead you to believe it is the secret to successful fat loss.

In this free masterclass, I am sharing the step-by-step process to successfully lose fat. Five principles that are backed by decades of scientific literature. 

The five layers of good nutrition are:

1) Calories Management.

2) Protein Consumption. 

3) Carbohydrate/Fat Distribution. 

4) Food Quality.

5) Meal Timing. 

I'm going to teach you the in-depth reasoning behind each principle. At the end of the presentation, I will show you proof of how these principles work in action. 

Follow these principles, and you will see wild success. 

Violate these principles, and you will remain trapped on the hamster wheel of bad diet advice and no results. 

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Knowing these principles is only the first step. The next step is to begin at the bottom and implement each layer into your life.

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