Lose Stubborn Bodyfat With LESS Effort

Get rid of food tracking apps and calorie counters.
Eliminate the hours spent prepping and planning your meals every week.
Get back your social life and enjoy your favorite foods.

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What you get:

Week 1 - Learn

The first week of the challenge serves as a comprehensive "mini-course" to help you become familiar with the concepts of an intermittent fasting approach. During this time you will also begin planning your IF diet. The course includes:

Module 1 - Benefits of Fasting

Module 2 - Types of Fasting Diets

Module 3 - How to Schedule Your Fast

Module 4 - Surviving Your Fast

Module 5 - Integrating IF Into Your Life


Week 2 - Practice

During the second week of the challenge you will apply the knowledge from the week 1 material. You will plan and practice a 5-day intermittent fast (Mon-Fri) focusing on sticking to your eating windows.

By the end of the second week you will:

→ Know if this eating-style is right for you.

→ Begin to feel the benefits of an IF diet.

→ Start to feel more comfortable during your fasts.

→ Notice improvements in your appetite.


I get it, you're busy...

Do you really have time to prep your meals and cook in bulk every weekend? Do you even want to spend hours on the weekend doing these things? Or would you rather spend an extra couple of hours hanging with your kids, your friends, or doing something else that's fun?

Make no mistake, there is no replacement for these behaviors. They work.

Intermittent fasting can help give you more wiggle room in your days so you can think LESS about your eating during the week, not MORE.

→ Eat out with less stress

→ Have more flexibility in your eating choices

→ Eliminate the added stress of planning and prepping

→ Heal your relationship with food (stop idolizing junk food)

You may be wondering, "How do I know that intermittent fasting is going to work for me?"

My guarantee: By the end of this 14-day challenge you will know, without a doubt, whether this approach to eating is going to be a good fit for your lifestyle.

An intermittent fasting diet is great for:

→ Busy professionals with demanding schedules

→ Individuals who find themselves traveling and/or eating out often (whether socially or for work)

→ People who need a mental break from tracking and logging calorie intake

See what these clients had to say about their experience with intermittent fasting:

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"This is the best I've felt in a long time."

Brian, Comedian Los Angeles, CA

Brian, the comedian mentioned above, lives a very interesting lifestyle. As a business owner who runs a party promotion company in LA, a comedian, and host of a number of different web series' (one that involves eating at different restaurants), he frequently finds himself eating out and socializing. Brian has been able to use intermittent fasting to control his calorie intake, still be able to participate in all of these social activities stress-free, and has still lost close to 10lbs so far!

"I feel like the intermittent fasting has been my breakthrough."

Jared, Emergency Room Physician Fort Wayne, IN

Jared, the emergency room physician above (and also new father), uses intermittent fasting to help navigate weeks of 12-24 hour shifts at the hospital. He often finds that the selection in the hospital cafeteria is... Not good. Even when he remembers to track his eating he usually is too exhausted to do so. Don't even mention having any time to prep food ahead of time. This approach has helped Jared control his calorie intake, become more mindful of his eating behaviors and cravings, and has helped him see successful weight loss.

14-Days To Fix Your Relationship With Food

What Are You Waiting For?

Intermittent Fasting is not for everyone. Consult with your physician before participation to reduce the risk of any possible adverse health effects. This course is for educational purposes, and is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any illness or medical condition. By participating in this course you do so at your own risk.