A-Team Fitness exists to help people discover and unleash their inner awesome to live their best life.

Our Values:

Authenticity | Our clients trust us to help them change their lives, and we do so by being as true to ourselves as we can in every way—to be an example of just how awesome life can be, and just how much can be achieved, when one is authentic to who they are. To be clear, this does not mean being perfect. Our authenticity, which sometimes includes our own vulnerabilities and short-comings, gives strength to the conviction that being awesome is attainable by anyone.

Teamwork | We understand the power of community, and strive to create an environment that is welcoming, fun, and supportive to all our members and clients. Once a client joins any of our programs, they become a part of this team for life. We understand the importance of providing support to every client we encounter.

Empathy | The ability to understand and share in the struggles and challenges faced by our clients, daily. No one is immune to hardship, and as coaches we use our own vulnerabilities to create a safe place for clients to open up about their own. We never judge or demean, and strive to provide the appropriate encouragement when the client needs it most.  

Action | A-Team leaders inspire and lead through example. We hold clients to the same standard, by providing them with the skills necessary to take real action to better themselves.

Mastery | Our coaches fully understand the impact of the advice and guidance we give to our clients. Everything from the workouts we prescribe to the advice we give have very real consequences for the lives and well-being of our clients. It is for this reason that we fully commit ourselves to the mastery of our craft. We believe in continued self-development and a commitment to life-long learning in order to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and scientifically-sound recommendations.

Although each of our clients has unique goals, we are one team. We will motivate and support each other in reaching our goals, and we will all share in the celebration when they are achieved. This is what it means to be part of the …


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“Alex has been an indispensable asset in helping me achieve my weight loss goal." - M.M., Female, 28

"I have experienced a significant loss of weight, and my daily energy and physical well being have increased beyond my imagination." - M.V., Female, 39

"With his common sense approach and a bit of Jedi mind-tricks,  Alex was able to gently, but effectively, guide me through the lifestyle changes needed to stop gaining weight and get back in shape." - N.K., Male, 31

"I'd recommend Alex wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a great personal trainer." - J.U., Male, 30


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Phone: 734-904-4008

Email: alex.mcbrairty@ateamfit.com

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