A-Team Fitness was started to provide men and women with the guidance and accountability they need to change their lives. As part of the A-Team, our philosophy is that we will Always Try, Encourage, Achieve, and Motivate.

Always . . .

Try: We always want our clients to put effort into their programs, both in and outside of the gym, so that they can make lasting changes in their lives.

Encourage:  We are one team. We will encourage each other to reach our goals, giving support when necessary. When an individual joins the A-Team, they are joining a family of supporters.

Achieve: As a result of our full effort, and with the extra encouragement from fellow team members, we will achieve any goal we set for ourselves.

Motivate: Because we have a solid support system and give our absolute best into our programs, we achieve our goals. After we have achieved we will motivate those around us to do the same, to be the best that they can be. To be happy, healthy, and confident. We lead by example so that others can make positive changes in their lives.

Although each of our clients has unique goals, we are one team. We will motivate and support each other in reaching our goals, and we will all share in the celebration when they are achieved. This is what it means to be part of the …


A-Team trainer and male client on battle ropes

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4567 Washtenaw Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Phone: 734-904-4008

Email: alex.mcbrairty@ateamfit.com

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“Alex has been an indispensable asset in helping me achieve my weight loss goal." - M.M., Female, 28

"I have experienced a significant loss of weight, and my daily energy and physical well being have increased beyond my imagination." - M.V., Female, 39

"With his common sense approach and a bit of Jedi mind-tricks,  Alex was able to gently, but effectively, guide me through the lifestyle changes needed to stop gaining weight and get back in shape." - N.K., Male, 31

"I'd recommend Alex wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a great personal trainer." - J.U., Male, 30


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Phone: 734-904-4008

Email: alex.mcbrairty@ateamfit.com

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